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    OneSky Flight is an aviation portfolio consisting of an array of industry leading private jet travel solutions to fit any need. OneSky Flight’s portfolio of business aviation companies includes Flexjet, Sentient Jet, Skyjet, and Sirio in Europe. The companies of OneSky have one thing in common: we fly people privately. Under the OneSky family, we offer access to private aviation by the single flight (Skyjet), the charter jet card (Sentient), as fractional ownership (Flexjet), and for a select few, through invitation only bespoke aircraft management (Sirio). Like global hotel brands and auto makers who have different brands for different market segments, we believe in a multi-storefront strategy with independent teams focused on specific industry segments. Our approach focuses each brand on being the best in each category in a way that only comes from conscious strategic direction. The result is a family of high-performing companies run by exceptional people with deep understanding of each part of the market and how to provide the very best products and service to each segment. This strategy has resulted in exceptional performance for the group as a whole, outpacing the growth of the industry by a wide margin.

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