SUMMARY: Performs major troubleshooting, removal, replacement, cleaning, repair, modification, and overhaul of aircraft weapons and weapon systems.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Reads, interprets, and complies with weapon systems maintenance procedures, manuals, specifications, directives, guides, and forms used on the job. 2. Performs inspections, major troubleshooting, repairs, functional checks, modifications, overhauls, removal, replacement, rework, and maintenance and preservation of weapons and weapon systems. 3. Works with standard test equipment in the accomplishment of functional job assignment.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Performs functional checks of aircraft armament and armament systems using appropriate guides, procedures, and instructions. 2. Obtain aircraft run-up authorization, when required. 3. Participates in aerial flight, when required (requires a Class III flight physical). 4. Demonstrates weapon systems maintenance procedures and assists in the training of employees assigned Aircraft Armament Technician work. 5. Operates aircraft towing equipment in aircraft towing operations. 6. Removes and replaces electromechanical components in the weapons systems (limited to cannon plugs or multi-wires with dissimilar connectors), to perform armament system troubleshooting and repairs. 7. Works with other classifications to complete boresighting operations.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 1. High school diploma or equivalent–General Educational Development (GED) certificate. 2. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of aircraft weapons, weapon systems, and component parts or two (2) years experience as a Fuel and Munitions Specialist.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS OF ALL CLASSIFICATIONS OTHER DUTIES: 1. Operates motor vehicles, machines and special purpose equipment as required by the job assignment.2. Performs prescribed cleaning, preservation and operator maintenance on vehicles, tools and equipment. Performs housekeeping duties in immediate work area.3. Ensures that tools and equipment used by the employee in the classification are properly calibrated.4. When selected, attends schools and classes, which are designated by the Company for employees in the assigned classification.5. Uses approved methods and publications in the performance of the assigned job.6. Performs the duties of lower classified employees within the line of progression when assigned.7. May be allowed to occasionally perform those assignments of employees holding the next higher classification in the line of progression in order to qualify for promotion except for Aircraft Mechanic to Aircraft Technical/NDT Inspector.8. Completes and maintains records and reports as required by job assignment.9. Demonstrates job procedures and assists in the on-the-job training (OJT) of employees within the classification as required.10. Performs imaging technology (scanning and other related) functions as required by the job assignment.11. Disposes of hazardous materials related to job assignment.12. Performs duties using automated equipment and software utilized in the functional assignment.13. May remove and reinstall cowlings, panels and fairings necessary to gain access to work within his classification.14. Employees assigned to the Flight-line will support the customer by assisting in untying or securing aircraft (meet and greet), summoning other assistance if needed or working issues within their assigned classification.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: 1. Read, write, speak and understand English.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 1. High school diploma or equivalent–General Educational Development (GED) certificate. This requirement is waived for employees with seniority dates prior to May 3, 1999.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must be physically able to perform duties and responsibilities of the classification. 2. Must be able to work with required materials without debilitating irritation to skin, eyes or respiratory system while wearing the required personal protective equipment.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must have a valid state driver’s license when required by job assignment. 2. Must obtain a valid government driver’s license when required by job assignment. 3. Must obtain a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) to include hazardous material endorsement when required by job assignment. 4. Must obtain the level of Industrial Security Clearance required by the Government.

Job Overview
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