Have you been elevated to a leadership position in your company or a volunteer organization? If you feel like you’re in over your head, pursuing professional development can help boost your confidence as a leader. In addition, we’ve collected some informative resources for leaders, covering everything from investing in your education to delegating tasks. AMT Job Openings presents some tips and resources that can sharpen those leadership skills.

 Leadership Reading List

 Sometimes, digging into a great book can teach you valuable lessons about leadership. Here are a few titles to check out from your local library!



Continuing Education

 Learning does not stop when you earn a certain diploma or degree. Here’s how to keep educating yourself as a leader in the workplace.


  • Ready to head back to school? This guide will answer your questions about choosing the right degree.
  • By working with a career coach, you can get valuable advice from a personal mentor.


Learning to Delegate

 Great leaders know when to step back and trust their team with certain responsibilities. These resources will help you get used to delegating effectively.


  • Delegation is especially crucial if you’re balancing work with school. Drawing up a study timetable can help you ensure you’re spending enough time studying.
  • Dedicating more time to training your employees will enable you to feel more comfortable with delegation.
  • Handing the reins to someone else can be scary, but this resource will guide you through the delegation process.
  • Creating a timesheet spreadsheet on Excel can help you keep track of which team members are responsible for certain obligations.

Becoming a great leader takes time, and the learning process is never truly done. By furthering your education, seeking out mentorship, and taking chances to challenge yourself, you can grow as a leader. By referencing these resources, you’ll be able to take your team to new heights.


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