Aviation Maintenance is one of the most sought-after fields nowadays. Many students who are interested in aviation are getting attracted towards this field. If you are also interested in Aviation Maintenance, then this is the best time to launch your career in this field. However, there are a few basics about AMT training you must know before you do that. 

Aviation Maintenance Technicians Training Basics

AMT training is essential to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician. It is crucial training which will prepare you for a career in the illustrious field of aviation maintenance. However, there are a few basics regarding which you should have clarity in your mind. To know what is ahead of you in the field of aviation maintenance, being aware of what you have to do during training is crucial. 

It is important to know how you should choose the AMT training program which suits you the best. Knowing the career prospects is equally important to know how to navigate the field and achieve success in it.  In this article, we have discussed all Aviation Maintenance Technician training basics which will help you understand the field better. Learn everything you need to about AMT training beforehand so you can take the best decision regarding your career below.

Choosing your course

Your AMT training experience can be as good as you want it to be, as long as you choose the right course. There is no one sure-shot path towards becoming an aviation maintenance technician. You can go about it in various ways. From obtaining a high-school diploma to training for the job on the job itself, there are many ways to learn the skills you require. 

The most important thing to do, however, is to pass exams by FAA. So, you should focus on courses that are approved by FAA only and follow their rules and regulations. There is a minimum hour of training which you must have to pass the exam, hence, considering this is also important. 

Some other questions you should consider while researching for your perfect course include, what kind of license will you be getting after completing the certification? Are there any types of specialisations being offered by the course? Is the course FAA-approved and follows its guidelines? These questions are pertinent and must be considered. 

Course duration

How long will the course take? This is another very important question to consider before choosing your program. AMT training course can be as long as 2 years or as short as 1 year. Choosing your course based on your requirements also includes choosing a course which will have the best duration, as per your needs. Based on the type of curriculum and training an institute is offering, consider the course duration before applying.

Prerequisites for the Course

AMT training is open to all, as long as they have already studied certain subjects in high school. There is a certain level of knowledge that schools expect you to already have before you start your journey to be an aviation maintenance technician. These include having studied Mathematics, especially calculus at school as well as English. Having Physics as your subject is also an important requirement. These may differ from school to school, however, must be considered before applying for a course.

What topics you can expect to study?

AMT training can be intense and one needs to be skilled in technical subjects to ace it. One of the most basic things to learn about Aviation maintenance technician training is to understand what subjects you will be studying. Since these subjects can be quite technical and to an extent, difficult to grasp, preparing yourself mentally to study them in advance will be helpful.

Career support and prospects

After AMT training, you will be looking for a job as soon as possible. Now, there are quite a few ways to land a job as an aviation maintenance technician. You can work in airlines or aviation-related businesses. You can also join private companies or clubs as a technician. 

While choosing your AMT training course, also consider the kind of opportunities your school will be offering you. Many schools have partnerships or provide special training to prepare a good CV and resume. They train their students in various aspects such as how to clear interviews, how to perform well in technical tests, etc. Consider how much support a school provides in helping you land a job before finally taking the course.

These are some of the AMT training basics you must know and research before applying for any course. Knowing things in advance will certainly help you achieve success faster.