F and E Aircraft Maintenance or more commonly known as FEAM is a well-known name in the aviation industry, however, to a common man it may not make much sense. Though if one has to make a guess, they would simply relate it to something related to the maintenance of aircraft, which is not very far from what it actually is.

F and E Aircraft Maintenance is an MRO company. MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, which are the functions it performs for different airlines. This company plays a very specific role which is crucial for the health of your air travels. It provides aircraft line maintenance and top-notch check services, it is known to work with a variety of domestic and international airlines. They boast of around 600 aircraft mechanics and Line Maintenance Engineers who are highly trained and experts in their fields.

F and E Aircraft Maintenance – History and Function

F and E Aircraft Maintenance started out as a small company with only two aircraft maintenance manpower providers. Its beginning was very humble, to say the least. Started with just two workers, today FEAM has emerged a leading line maintenance MRO that can boast of a global customer base.

It is not simply just a company though, there is much more to it. Thinking what is it? It is the educational aspect of the company.

F and E Aircraft Maintenance also provides certifications that are recognized throughout the world. They are partnered with AMET which means that they are authorized as well as have the capability to make sure that they have an ongoing stream of Line Maintenance Engineers who are trained to meet the highest global industry standards. They train their engineers in the best way possible to ensure they are equipped with all technicalities that one should know about an aircraft.

What makes it special?

The aviation industry is only growing, it may have taken a hit during the pandemic but after things turn to normal, it is going to soar again. There are some distances that just cannot be covered anyway other than air, right?

In such an industry, it is paramount that they have the best and optimal staff available at all times. Not only does the aviation industry goes beyond pilots and flight attendants, but it also requires people who have a skill-set that can handle the job and do it efficiently, because lives literally depend on it.

An airline does not become successful by how many planes it owns or how many people it flies every day, those are important factors, sure. But behind all that, line maintenance is the key to any airlines’ success, especially its maintenance. There is a need for qualified professionals and FEAM trains you in exactly that way.

F and E Aircraft Maintenance is known to pay special attention to the quality of training they provide. They focus their students on providing high quality and lean maintenance. To make sure it goes exactly the way they want, they have experts who know exactly what they are doing when they talk about maintenance.

FEAM also has maintenance bases in various locations in the U.S. that include – MIA (HQ), ANC, ATL, BWI, CHS, ORD, CVG, CLE, LCK, DFW, FLL, AFW, IAD, IAH, HSV, LAL, JFK, RIV, MCO, PAE, PHX, PDX, TPA, and RIC.

FAEM also has a number of certifications that establishes its credibility –

  • Bermuda DCA AMO
  • Japan JCAB Repair Station
  • Singapore CAAS 145 Repair Station
  • Europe EASA 145 Repair Station
  • Korean MOLIT Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)

The career opportunities with F and E Aircraft Maintenance are many with a great scope. They have credentials which establish them and a reputation in the industry which is hard to come by. On average, per year a FAEM technician can earn USD 58,000 approximately. They also offer online training programs which are perfect for everyone looking to get an education in the field without going out of their way.