Aviation Technician is certainly one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays. With international travel becoming more frequent and businesses expanding worldwide, the aviation industry is experiencing great growth. In such a scenario, aviation technicians are in great demand; however, you must pass the aviation technician exam to become one. What is it, you may ask? Read on to find out.

The aviation technician exam is a three-stage exam a candidate must take to become an aviation technician. As this career is full of its own set of risks, proper training is essential for all the stakeholders involved in the job to ensure safety. Training is one part of the process. However, to test what one has learned during training, an aviation technician exam is conducted so students can finally become technicians and get on with their jobs. But first, are you eligible for this exam?

Aviation Technician Exam Eligibility

If you want to take up the aviation technician exam, then you need to beĀ 

If you fulfill these criteria, then now it is time to get onto the preparation!

How to prepare for Aviation Technician Exam?

As mentioned, the aviation technician exam has three stages: a computer-based knowledge test, an oral test, and a practical test. Future technicians must pass all these stages with the minimum marks required. It is a long exam that can take up to 12 to 16 hours to complete. It might sound overwhelming, but it is not, granted you have the right tools prepared for the same. In this post, we have elaborated a guide to the aviation technician exam that will help you prepare well for the exam and pass it with flying colors.

Know the Syllabus – This is the basic step in every exam’s preparation. The oral and practical tests of the aviation technician exam cover over 52 subjects, all technical in nature. Airframe, Powerplant, and General sections must be prepared properly if you want to score well in the exam. It is important to know all these subjects and the important topics within them to make a preparation strategy that will help you memorize all the facts in minimum time.

Prepare yourself for the test’s duration – As already mentioned, the aviation technician exam can go on for 12 to 16 hours. That is a long time to take any exam, even when divided across days. Mentally prepare yourself for this long time as it can get mentally and physically exhausting. It will also be good training for the job as it requires you to keep your body and mind active for longer periods.

Refer to Books – This is important because you need to refer to good books for this exam. There are many in the market, but only a few will be actually useful. Choose your study material wisely. Read the book description, who it is written by, and google the author; these few things will help you get the most advantage from any book you buy. Also, ensure that these books have the most important practice questions.

These above-mentioned steps will help you prepare well for the aviation technician exam. If you implement these steps well, you will also be able to score really good marks that will improve your chances of getting the best possible job in the field. Remember, the aviation technician exam may seem overwhelming, but once you start preparing, you will realize it is not that hard. All you need is confidence and a good strategy to prepare in the best possible manner.