Job Profiles In Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Maintenance is one of the most lucrative fields in the current time. There are many opportunities in this field due to its indispensable nature. No airline can work without the aviation maintenance staff and it has only become clearer during the pandemic, when hardly any aviation maintenance staff was laid off.

For anyone interested in the field of aviation, this is a great field. It is also quite a diverse field and one can find various job profiles that might correspond with their particular interests in aviation maintenance.

There are many job profiles but some of the major ones include – Aviation maintenance technicians, Aviation Service Technicians and Aircraft mechanics, etc. There can be many more depending on the airline or company you decide to work with, but the title will revolve around these certain terms only. If you are confused about what these job titles mean, don’t worry, we got you and we have an in-depth explanation of what these job profiles mean and what work you will be expected to do once you get into the field of aviation maintenance.

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Aviation Maintenance Technicians are the ones responsible for repairing aircrafts in order to ensure that they meet FAA regulations. These technicians often work outdoors and have no definite shift, meaning they might be required to work anytime. These positions require a high school diploma and a valid certification, apart from an aptitude for mechanics.

Aviation Service Technician

Aviation Service Technicians are the ones who schedule maintenance and repair work on aircraft machinery. They ensure that the aircraft airframes and engines are maintained in accordance with the FAA standards. These are the individuals who usually work in hangars, repair stations, or in the airfields. To be an Aviation Service Technician one must be detail-oriented, organized and very thorough with their knowledge. These positions require one to have a deep understanding of complex engine specifications and equipment in addition to having strong mechanical skills.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanics are the professionals responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing aircraft structural systems. They are the ones who assist the process of maintaining hydraulic and mechanical systems, scheduling routine updates and identifying repair methods.


Now that we are aware of the possible job profiles, these are few functions that professionals in aviation maintenance are expected to perform –

  • Organizing efficient work plans.
  • Conducting ground operations.
  • Keeping a track of and maintaining components like, fuselage, rotor blades, wings and movable and fixed flight control surfaces.
  • Performing routine inspections and administrative responsibilities.
  • Checking, maintaining and troubleshooting aviation maintenance work. These include but are not limited to the repair of engines, power units, rotor systems, propellers and other parts of the aircraft.
  • Repairing and servicing aircraft fuel and hydraulic systems.
  • Adhering to established operating procedures and ensuring the adherence by others as well.
  • Conducting prompt aircraft maintenance as per schedule.
  • Ensuring any discrepancies in the aircraft are eliminated and removed completely.
  • Ensuring the state and settings of the aircraft complies with set standards to return quickly to flight status.
  • Maintaining and caring for the aircraft assemblies.
  • Designing and constructing support devices for aviation maintenance and the aircraft.
  • Ensuring the activity is orderly and safe movement is ensured which includes checking on fueling and arrival and departures.
  • Supporting crew and passengers’ arrival and departure which may also include baggage handling operations.

It may look like a lot and certainly, the job does require one to take a lot of responsibility as well. However, it is a diverse job which allows professionals to work in various sectors to expand their knowledge and interest. If you are looking to be a part of this field, now you know everything which will be expected from you and can make the most informed decisions.