The pandemic shook the world to its core. Needless to mention, several industries were impacted and as a result, several people were impacted as their livelihoods were endangered due to the economic crisis the world is still reeling through.

Pandemic And Aviation Industry

One of the most affected industries by the Pandemic has been the Aviation Industry. The turbulence which one was only used to experiencing in the airplanes also had a generally shocking impact on the industry with travel bans and airport closures. However, despite being the worst hit by the pandemic, this industry proved itself to be the most stable as well.

Naturally, the Pandemic had its impact and will continue to do so for a few years to come. Major changes are underway and it is increasingly becoming difficult to understand whether it is a smart move to enter or continue in the field of Aviation Maintenance. If you have similar doubts and questions, we have the answer for you!

Throughout the pandemic, due to borders being closed the airports to an outsider must have looked virtually closed or useless. However, that is far from the truth. Travel restrictions meant that there were more planes on the ground than in the sky. What does that mean?

Need for Professionals

It means, a need for professionals who are well versed in aviation maintenance and know the plane well inside and out. During the Pandemic, while the pilots or the cabin crew, who normally do the flying, were sitting at home, the aviation maintenance technicians were in more need than ever because the planes were being stored in the warehouses on the ground.

Planes like any other machine cannot be left alone for a long time. With their especially complex and dynamic engineering and design, they require frequent check-ups to ensure that everything in them is still dandy and working. For an airline, loss of passengers may not be as problematic as a loss of their aircraft due to improper maintenance, even something as simple as rusting can render a place completely useless and unfit to fly in the future.

To prevent this precise problem, airlines, during the Pandemic, made sure that all their aviation maintenance employees were always present on the ground to ensure the proper maintenance and working of their airplanes. The ground staff and technicians are indispensable to the smooth working of any airline and in that recognition, it is probably one of those professions that did not take as much of a hit even during the peak of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Also, because a lot of passenger airplanes were turned into freight ones because of the need to transport various amenities from one country to another, the aviation maintenance technicians found themselves busy figuring it out for themselves and the airlines. And as the pandemic is slowing down and the world is coming back to normal – a new normal is settling in – the demand for aviation maintenance technicians is only rising and their importance is being felt now more than ever.

Aviation Maintenance is a huge field with many different job roles that cater to many different types of planes or even parts of the planes. Differently skilled people can find different job profiles they can take up when they find themselves interested in the field of aviation maintenance.

If you are new in the field and are wondering if it is the right decision to enter the profession yet, the answer is to just do it. An average training takes around two years which is not too late to join this field which is obviously on the rise and does not seem to be slowing down anytime in the future.

The aviation industry may take many hits and it has many times in the past but it has a record of always bouncing back. Similarly, it is bouncing back now and as the airlines strive to make up for the lost profits, you would want to be there with them as the professionals who are indispensable, pandemic or not.