What skills are required in the field of Aviation Maintenance? First, lets discuss about Aviation Maintenance. It is one of the most sought-after fields right now for those interested in the field of aviation. It is an interesting field which attracts a lot of individuals who are good with mechanics and technology. It is also a lucrative job which has been growing steadily for the last few years and will continue to do so, as international travels are becoming more frequent than ever.

If you are one of the aspirants of the field, here are few skills that you should develop that are required in the field of Aviation Maintenance.

Technical Skills

This is an obvious one. You need really good technical skills if you want to be in the field of Aviation Maintenance. You need to know physics especially really well in order to understand the ins and outs of an aircraft.

Troubleshooting Skills

As an Aviation Maintenance technician or mechanic, you will need to have the skills to not only find out about complex problems and explain them but also to evaluate the correct solution for them.

Observational Skills

It must seem a bit bewildering because the work seems almost straightforward, however, one must be very observant if they want to excel in their field of aviation maintenance. Technicians must not only know the engine sounds but should also have the observational skills to point out when they are sounding different than normal. Also, to be able to recognize any other sounds, read gauges and the way fans propel, everything counts when it is an aircraft and an aviation maintenance technician must be very observant in order to ensure that an aircraft and its system is working well.


This is a job which requires you to use your hands a lot, most of the time with tools and sometimes, maybe even your bare hands. Good hand-eye coordination and the ability to control your hand movements is a very important one when dealing with important parts of an aircraft. One has to have a good hand movement in order to hold and assemble various parts of the plane.

Strength and Agility

Remember how we talked about tools and machinery parts of the aircraft? Some of them are really heavy, and you cannot afford to drop them at any cost because of their cost and the crucial part they play in the flying of an aircraft. Not only you must have strength to handle these tools and parts but you also must be agile and quick on your step to get them where they are needed, without falling off. There will be times when you will be in places where balance will be your best friend, so it is important to develop these two skills if you want to have a successful career in aviation maintenance.

Attention to detail

There are certain parts that only go to certain places at only certain angles. In aviation, little mistakes can have big consequences. Hence, it is important to be detail oriented and always be attentive towards what you are doing and what others around you are doing, as well.

Communication Skills

Aviation maintenance is the work of a team and having good communication reduces the chances of anything going awry. It is very important to maintain clear communication during the time of operations and hence, good communication skills always come in handy. Written communication skills are also very important as aviation maintenance technicians often have to submit written reports that need to be clear and very precise.

These are some of the most important skills that you need to develop in order to be good at your job in the field of aviation maintenance. All these skills can be learnt with enough handwork and of course, the results are always worth it.