The aviation industry is an exciting place to work. It has many diverse positions open in fantastic locations across the world. One thing is for sure – you’ll never be bored! But while you’re working hard at trade school, don’t forget to pursue a side hustle too. This can be a great way to build experience and earn some money on the side. Looking to navigate the side hustle space? AMT Job Openings shares the details below.

Side Gig Ideas

Stumped for ideas for your new side hustle? To start with, use your training and education in the aviation field as fodder for work. Here are some side gig ideas that take your aviation experience into account:

  • Airline food service worker: Here, you’ll be responsible for customer service and preparing meals for travelers in the airport.
  • Airline baggage handler: Professionals in this field collect, sort, and check luggage to ensure it’s going in the right aircraft.
  • Airline reservation agent: If you don’t want to be on your feet the whole day, this job is the one for you. Agents work at information and customer service counters and help travelers with flight schedules, reservations, and more.
  • Passenger assistant: In this role, you’ll be able to assist travelers at the airport with their needs such as check-ins, deplaning, and more.

Creating a Roadmap

According to Aha!, we all need a roadmap to explain where we’re going and how to stay on track. It will be worthwhile to do a little exercise in journey mapping, as this will grant you a clear purpose that aligns with your daily grind and long-term aspirations. Include critical goals for both school and work here, and be sure to work on tasks every day that help you achieve these goals. Having a side-hustle-specific business plan will also be handy, as you’ll be able to grow your side gig into a lucrative and evergreen career.

Striking a Balance

Achieving that delicate balance between managing school and work can be challenging. After all, you don’t want either the side hustle or school work to suffer! Time management will be your best friend to achieve a balance. Use techniques like time-batching to churn out many work assignments quickly or the Pomodoro Technique for sustained focus and attention on complex school topics. To make the most of your energy and time spent on your side hustle, be sure to take it seriously and give it the due it deserves. You can do this by being patient with results, as it takes time for any new business idea to take off. Also, be sure to spread the word to family and friends, as you never know how they could assist your side gig.

Market Yourself

Feather Communications reports that marketing yourself is critical to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Be sure to network when you’re attending trade school too. By talking to supervisors, peers, and mentors, you’ll be able to get invaluable advice on growing your side gig. In addition, network through community networking events or through online platforms. Be sure to present your new contact with a business card when doing so. This will help keep your services top of mind and guarantee that they can reach you if need be. And the good news is business card design is made super easy through free online design templates. You can have your professional business card ready in a matter of minutes and focus on the big picture stuff instead.

Worried about managing aviation trade school and your side gig simultaneously? Don’t be! If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and have the drive to achieve your goals, the battle is already half won. So keep at it, and be sure to consider these tips when you’re out there grinding!

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