What is one of the most promising career options in the present or the near future? Being an aircraft maintenance manager! Why you may ask? Simple, because of the perks the job offers. You will be amazed to know how much an aircraft maintenance manager earns annually. To learn more about this amazing field and fantastic career, keep scrolling down, as here are the things you need to know about ‘how to build a career as an aircraft maintenance manager‘.

Who Is Aircraft Maintenance Manager?

Aircraft Maintenance Manager is the person who ensures the aircraft safety, manage the services and overall maintenance of aircraft and make sure everything is running smoothly at the maintenance facility. They are the ones responsible for adhering to the budget for scheduling and keeping track of all the repairs and maintenance.

Not only this, but the job also requires a person to be a leader- to lead a team and manage the work of the subordinate staff on a day-to-day basis. To act as an advisor and supervisor to the aircraft maintenance team; and making sure the whole team is happy is also one of the responsibilities that come along with the job.

An aircraft maintenance manager must have the eye for hiring the right people for the job and should be well versed with everything beforehand to train them. So, if you think that you are capable of handling all these responsibilities and can perform all these tasks, then the aircraft maintenance manager job is for you!

What Are The Qualities An Aircraft Maintenance Manager Should Possess?

Well, if you are still unsure, this section will help you give clarity of vision and assurance if you are apt for this job. To be an aircraft maintenance manager, the most essential and necessary requirement is- leadership skills.

A person should possess good communication skills, should take responsibility for the team, should be able to focus and concentrate for long hours, shouldn’t be afraid of heights and can work in cramped spaces.

Apart from these, other qualities that this job requires- analytical skills, keen observation, negotiation skills, good hand-eye coordination, and excellent vision.

What Is The Educational Qualification Required?

To get a job at this position, a person should hold a degree in aeronautical science or an equivalent course, or an engineering degree, which means a bachelor’s degree is required to be qualified for the job. Even addition of diploma or advanced diploma in this field might serve as a plus point.

Apart from academic qualification, the experience is something which plays a significant part in this qualification process. To be eligible for a post of the aircraft maintenance manager, a person should have at least five years of experience in the required field as an individual contributor and also 1-3 years of supervisory experience.

What Is The Salary And Perks Of Being In This Job?

No doubt this is the most awaiting question; after all, this part plays a very crucial role in choosing a career. On average, an aircraft maintenance manager can earn around $118,070 per annum ( From a report dated September 25, 2020, United States).

This figure varies from country to country based on many factors- which include skills, education, certifications, and also the years spent in this profession. Initially, the salary given is low, but after years of experience, the wage can rise to a higher package. Also, after gaining expertise, an aircraft maintenance manager gets this opportunity of entering into higher management jobs.

One of the most significant perks of the job is that this job offers to work on planes while being on planes. No doubt this is one of the highest-paid positions. Still, the benefit of free or reduced air travel along with medical services makes this job a perfect fit for all those who are interested in planes and are passionate about aircraft.

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