Covid-19 and Aviation Maintenance Field

Aviation Maintenance is one of the fields that were not hit hardly by the pandemic and still continue to boom post-pandemic. If you are thinking of making a career in the field, you have come to the right place. There are a plethora of career opportunities in the field of Aviation Maintenance and we are going to share what we know about them with you.

As a lot of researches and studies have already witnessed, aviation maintenance mechanics and engineers were still at work during the pandemic because the aircraft, even if resting in its hangar, still needs to be maintained so it does not get damaged. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of scope in the field and many career opportunities for you to explore if you are interested.

Requirements To Enter

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not just a field you can enter with any degree. You need proper certification from a licensed institution from FAA in order to be able to be in aviation maintenance. This may require a single certification or a series of certifications, based on how far and high you want to go in terms of making your career. You might also be able to work without a certification, but then you will always have to work under a supervisor.

Opportunities To Explore

Now coming to the real job profile, even though you must have already gotten an idea, but we will still make it a tad bit more clear for you to understand. Aviation maintenance deals with the repair and maintenance of an aircraft. The job of a professional in aviation maintenance is to make sure that the aircraft is always in the most pristine condition and is safe enough and ready to take a flight. Clearly, it is a job that held a lot of responsibility and hence, the certificate is always a plus because it is a proof of your skills and capabilities.

Now coming to the opportunities, those are endless because as the travel bans are lifted, we are seeing more air traffic than ever which means more airplanes that are in need of maintenance and hence, a professional who can perform that maintenance.

You can work either with an airline or with a corporation that owns its own jets or planes. Wherever airplanes are concerned, aviation maintenance comes in automatically, which speaks volumes for its scope.

There are various positions available like Supervisory positions at maintenance bases, stations or shops. Also, you might find yourself in the maintenance control department that is responsible for resolving maintenance issues that may occur in an operating aircraft. Aviation maintenance also includes quality assurance that one has to perform when they are part of an auditing department to oversee heavy maintenance activities and to ensure that all regulations are being complied with and quality of maintenance is being maintained. You may also end up working on scheduling and implementing engineering programs and interaction with others to ensure the proper working and functioning of the department. This may also include recordkeeping.

Promising Career

All these functions are performed by different professionals working at different levels. Not only there is scope for work but also there is lots of growth as one gain more experience in the field. Some of the job titles in the field include Aviation Maintenance Technician (Aircraft Mechanic), Power plant Mechanic, Airframe Mechanic, Aviation Maintenance Technician and Aircraft Maintenance Specialist, etc.

As evident, there is no dearth of work as well as titles for you to work towards once you have decided to enter the field of aviation maintenance. It is a great field with a career scope and if you are interested, you should definitely go for it!