Highest Paying Aviation Mechanic Jobs!

When it comes to aviation, mechanics are indispensable. Especially the question that follows- what are some of the highest paying aviation mechanic jobs?- grabs everybody’s attention. After all, they are the backbone of this aviation industry who supports the proper functioning of airlines and ensures safety standards are met. 

But sometimes for those who are trying to enter the field, and sometimes, even for those who are quite acquainted already, different types of aviation mechanics can have one’s head in a spin. However, listed below are some of the highest paying aviation mechanic jobs to make the process of identifying and sorting them easier.

Airframe Mechanics

Airframe Mechanics are often found working on different parts of an airplane; they are mostly required to perform actions such as repair and maintenance. Not sure what it means? They are the ones who are allowed to work on the body and structure of the plane – almost everything but the engines, propellers, and avionics!

It is an exciting work profile which requires an eye for detail. An airframe mechanic must have a sharp eye to be able to look for any damage on the body of an aircraft – be it scratches, cracks, or a more severe form of breakage. It is their job to find out about any weakness in the structure of the plane and damage on various parts and panels of an aircraft. Their day mostly involves finding them and then repairing them.

It is a full-time job which sometimes requires overtime and crouching in places that can hurt the back but bring with itself a lot of perks. As for example the salary, this job no doubt qualifies itself for the list of highest paying aviation mechanic jobs. Being physically fit is essential as the work of airframe mechanics involve a lot of action and stretching. It is a perfect entry-level job and also one of the highest paying aviation mechanic jobs as it pays approximately USD 63,000 per year on average. 

A&P Mechanics 

 A&P Mechanics are another type of mechanics that are a standard fixture in the aviation industry. A question arises, how they are different from Airframe mechanics?

They are different because they are qualified to work on both airframes and power plants, i.e. inside and outside the airplane. Their most crucial work responsibility is to make sure that aircraft remain in perfect condition to fly. They test and repair issues inside the plane, i.e., mainly the engine and the propellers which airframe mechanics do not touch. Their work also involves the maintenance of hangars.

A&P mechanics are crucial for an aviation company. They are the ones who ensure proper maintenance, regular quality checks, and step in if there is an emergency repair work to be done. A&P Mechanics have to be very active in their approach with a quick mind to know what to repair and how. It is a rewarding job which pays up to approximately USD 95,000 per year on average. One of the highest paying aviation mechanic job for sure!

Avionics Technicians 

Avionics Technicians or Mechanics work in a bit more sophisticated setting than their other co-workers. These are the people who are qualified and certified to take care of the electronic systems attached to the aircraft, which means they are responsible for making sure that panel instruments, radios, and autopilot systems work perfectly well and do not a malfunction. 

Avionics Technicians’ work involved working closely with aerospace engineers to ensure that all the electronic equipment on the plane work fine. They are also responsible for studying the newest technologies and contribute to how the existing technology can be improved. It is a job which requires more brainpower than manpower evidently and is highly recommended for those who find the technology and latest technology really cool.

The work also comes with great responsibility since any mistakes on the part of avionics technicians can result in lost connectivity and communication which can prove more fatal than any other issues that may crop up during a flight. They are also the ones to test the communication devices and panels to make sure of their smooth functioning. It is indeed one of the highest paying aviation mechanic jobs with which one can make up to approximately USD 69,000 per year on an average.

Aviation is an exciting industry which does not require extensive education; only skill and certification is enough to start your career and make a mark in the world of flying! Also, it includes some of the highest paying aviation mechanic jobs! What else can a person think of, right?

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