Getting an A&P

How do I get a FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate?

Getting an FAA airframe and powerplant (A&P) certificate (some call it a license, but the FAA uses certificate as the proper word) is somewhat challenging. Many students don’t know the actual process. Because of this difficulty, they can’t get such a successful career. So you need to know the procedures of getting an A&P certificate. Keep in mind that you need to have moderately good knowledge of math and science with two years of dedicated effort. Yes, dedication and sincerity will be a must.  For quick reference, please follow the below steps carefully.

  • High school diploma is not required to get an A&P certificate. However, without a high threshold level of education, it is not recommended to enroll in any program. Also, your age must be at least eighteen years at the time of graduation.  If you meet these criteria, you will be able to get your certification from the FAA.  Of course, you need to do a lot of hard work.
  • Money is an essential asset everywhere for tuition. Minimum amount required is a few thousand dollars and the maximum amount is well over twenty thousand.  It depends on the program you are going to enroll in, whether it is a private or public school, and the state.  If you are short on funds, there are numerous sources of scholarships and grants available – the school should be able to assist you with this through their financial aid office.
  • You need to have a set of high quality mechanic’s tools. Some schools may give tools, provide assistance, or have a working relationship with tool vendors so that you can get a substantial discount.  It is better to have your own tools for getting an A&P license. With these tools you need to work in the airframe and powerplant education program.  Without tools is it possible to work a single day? So get ahead and buy a set of high quality tools.  Do NOT buy cheap tools.  In many cases you will be working on parts that cost 10’s of thousands of dollars and cheap tools can actually cause damage!
  • There is no alternative of attending your necessary coursework regularly. Getting an A&P certificate requires some knowledge of science and applied science. In your coursework, you will need to attend many classes which are required.  Also, the FAA has set mandatory training hours you need to undergo before certification. So don’t neglect your valuable training classes.  They’re many FAA authorized schools that provide this training.
  • After getting all the above things completed, you will need to pass the written, oral and practical tests. The written test are conducted at approved FAA testing sites and the oral and practical are conducted by a DME.  Therefore, it’s the most important step in getting an A&P certificate.  If you pass, you will get the certificate. So follow the above steps carefully.

In the end, can you be sure of your success? No, nobody can guarantee success.  Also, no training institute can “give” you passing marks. You must earn them.  If you neglect the courses like many other students, you will certainly fail.  As the examination is moderately difficult, you need to be fully prepared. Otherwise, you will lose your money and perseverance completely.

If you think that you are good at math and practical science and good with your hands, you will surely go for this challenging career. Getting an A&P certificate will be easy for you. In your journey, don’t be frustrated.  Always maintain sheer confidence in yourself. You will be successful. Good luck to you.

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