Aviation Career – How do I start a Career in Aviation Maintenance?

Yes, you can start a career in aviation.

An aviation career is a challenging career. Yes, you can surely start a career in aviation maintenance if you have an adventurous mind. You need to have the ability to like working with your hands.  If you get a chance to work in aviation maintenance, you will get flexibility to work, lots of trainings, and possibly travel too. The work experience in aviation maintenance can be utilized in other fields, no doubt.  However, you can surely go for a career in aviation if you have great ambition and enthusiasm.  Let’s see how to start a career in aviation maintenance.

In order to start your aviation maintenance career, you need to have a license from the FAA. Therefore, you must enroll in a training program at a FAA Part 147 school. The price for tuition goes for less than $10,000 to over $40,000, depending on public or private school.  Scholarships are available to most. Before enrolling in a program, you should check to make sure it follows the guidelines of the FAA.  This is very important. Don’t forget to do this part if you want to have an aviation maintenance career.

Again, you need to be willing to learn applied science and mathematics in order to obtain an aviation maintenance career. Without good knowledge of these subjects, you will not be successful to get a license. The main subjects which are taught in aviation training programs are related to mathematics, science and applied science.  Don’t waste your time, be confident and practice common math formulas, science, etc. regularly.

If you pass the courses in the FAA training school, you will need to sit for three FAA exams – written, oral, and practical. The written exams are taken in FAA approved testing site. The oral and practical are taken with a DME.  After passing these exams, you will obtain an A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) license. Without having an FAA approved license, you will not be successful in getting an aviation maintenance career.  It’s better to learn the required material at the training school clearly, otherwise, you will fail.

You now have got an idea on how to start your career in aviation maintenance.  Again, you need to know something more in order to rise above in this competitive field.  Bear in mind that it’s up to you how well you do.  Few training schools prepare you for and help you get a job as George T. Baker Aviation School does. Your theoretical and practical experiences will make you successful in this career. For this reason, always concentrate on your studies and task carefully in order to get a successful aviation maintenance career.

Is it possible to obtain a career in aviation maintenance without license? It’s a common question and surely you are going to search for the answer. Yes, it’s possible to obtain an aviation maintenance career without having a license. In this case, you will be supervised by a licensed technician.  Now, my question is, do you want to be supervised? If your answer is yes, then go for the career without the license and expect to be paid less and to have little job security.  It will not be as rewarding for you.  So, my suggestion is clear and concise.  Get your license before joining in the aviation maintenance career journey.

Obviously, if you follow the above mentioned ideas, you will obtain a good career.  All the best to you in your career in aviation maintenance search.

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