US Marine Aircraft Mechanic is the perfect path to a person’s dream, how?

Anybody who has any interest in defense forces and is enthusiastic about how they operate knows about the US Marines. Many young boys and even girls, growing up find themselves completely enchanted by the prospect of being a Marine. Throughout times, be it in movies or national television, Marines are depicted as those heroes who bring glory to the nation. Did you also dream about joining their heroic team?

Chances are you have but not everyone is meant to train in various forms of combat and undergo training in extremely harsh conditions, but here is where we are going to tell you how you can still get into Marines if you have a penchant for technology and an interest in aviation.

If you are into defense forces, want to serve the country, and at the same time satiate your hunger for technology and aviation, we have a perfect opportunity for you that you can explore! The United States Marine Corps Aviation!

What Is The United States Marine Corps Aviation?

The United States Marine Corps Aviation is the aircraft division of the United States Marine Corps, yes, the glorious defense division of one of the countries with the strongest defense forces. Marine Corps aviation unit has a whole history of its own, it is different from its counterpart which works on the ground. The rules, traditions, procedures, training, history, everything about it differs from the Marine Corps. However, the one very major difference which we find particularly pretty awesome is that it includes the high-tech and most advanced aircraft. The dream of every aviation enthusiast!

Before diving into how you can work with them, let us familiarize ourselves a bit more with what it actually does. The Marine Corps Aviation units work within the larger frame of the Marine Corps and are assigned to support the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. They are trained in and support the ground task force with their skill in the air and with their knowledge of how to control different aircraft and missiles. Not only their job includes supporting the ground task force by using the most advanced weapons but also it includes other services that include transportation and other special tasks.

In between all these things which sound extremely cool, there is one job profile that is very important for this whole unit to survive – the Marine Aircraft Mechanic.

What Does Marine Aircraft Mechanic Do And How Can You Become One?

Marine Aircraft Mechanics perform the repair and maintenance work on the aircraft and helicopters that the task force owns. They ensure that before the flight, all the aircraft are in perfect condition and do not have any wear and tear on the body or inside that can cause potential harm during the course of the flight. They inspect all the aircraft and make sure that everything from the engine to documentations of an aircraft is in perfect order. Their job is basically to keep the aircraft in perfect conditions and running.

To become an aircraft mechanic, one usually requires a high school degree in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. After that, one requires to undergo a course and get certified by the FAA to be allowed to work on an aircraft as a mechanic. Now, to become a marine aircraft mechanic in the United States Marine Corps Aviation, one needs to undergo further training. It is not as tough as the ones the combat fighters go through but it is rigorous nonetheless. After undergoing training there, you are all set to become a Marine Aircraft Mechanic. All you need is an interest in technology, aviation, and a passion to serve your country.

The career choice as a Marine Aircraft Mechanic is quite rewarding both financially and professionally. One can earn anywhere between USD 39,000 to USD 65,000 per year approximately depending upon the level of experience and expertise one has. As one becomes a senior, they also get to train others under them and help them learn and grow.

To serve in a defense force is a matter of great pride which also opens up opportunities in other private firms in case one decides to retire from the defense way of life. Also, marine aircraft mechanic brings with itself a lot of adventures.

If you choose to leave the marines, the opportunities in the civilian world is huge.  Many MRO’s specifically look for veterans to hire as technicians.