As an emerging field, many are getting attracted towards the Aircraft Mechanic profession. The aviation industry is only getting bigger and hence, is producing more opportunities than ever. Apart from the traditional pilots or flight attendants, there are various professions and opportunities the aviation industry offers. If you are interested in technology and fascinated by things that work then becoming an aircraft mechanic is perfect for you. 

However, how do you become one? What are the requirements you have to fulfil to become an aircraft mechanic? Aircraft mechanics are the backbone of the aviation industry. They are not chosen randomly but are rather trained and carefully selected. The only way to become an aircraft mechanic and land the job you want is to fulfil all the requirements, whether they be of the FAA or your prospective employer.

Below, we have discussed all the requirements of becoming an aircraft mechanic. Check them out and make a list to start acquiring skills that will help you build your dream career.

What are the requirements to become an Aircraft Mechanic by FAA?

There are two types of ratings you can get as an aircraft mechanic. The first one is Airframe (A) and the other one is Powerplant (P). Both of these are known as A&P Rating which is essential to become a good aircraft mechanic. To gain this rating there are certain requirements laid down by the FAA that you must fulfil. These requirements are mentioned below for prospective aircraft mechanics to understand before applying.

These are the requirements which you must fulfil to become an aircraft mechanic. These are decided by the FAA keeping in mind various measures to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of those who will be travelling in the aircraft, maintained and repaired by you. Apart from these requirements by the FAA, those who are deciding to foray into the field of aviation mechanics should also have certain other skills.

These include attention to detail, good communication, good hand-eye coordination, the ability to handle high levels of stress and the ability to come up with solutions. These are important skill-set requirements that a good aviation mechanic should possess. 

The work of an aviation mechanic is extremely important, hence, you should train and fulfil all the requirements properly. It is a rewarding career, reaching which may require you to fulfil many things. However, once you become an aircraft mechanic, a great career awaits you. And it will make fulfilling all these requirements worth it.