Aviation Maintenance – What are the career opportunities in aviation maintenance?

Aviation Maintenance is a great career choice

You have plenty of career opportunities in aviation maintenance. If you are an aviation mechanic also called an aviation maintenance technician (AMT), you will find lots of jobs in this sector. Certainly, you do not need to be a pilot in order to get a job. If you are a mechanic, that’s enough to get a job. For every pilot, four certified maintenance technicians are needed.  As an aviation mechanic, you need to be highly trained.  Your duty is to keep the airplane flying trouble free.  A commercial aircraft requires around four hours of maintenance work for one hour of flight.  Therefore, there is a huge demand for skilled technicians in aviation maintenance.  The FAA issues licenses for the certified Airframe and Powerplant technicians.  These professionals work on all kind of planes, helicopters, etc.

Aviation maintenance technicians work on the airframe and the powerplants of aircraft. Those who are qualified in both airframe and powerplants are certified as an A&P (airframe and powerplant).  After getting an A&P license, you are able to do jobs in aviation maintenance.  After attending a training program at a FAA approved school for around 18-24 months, you are eligible to get the license. Of course, before getting that you need to pass the required tests.  Aviation maintenance is a great job source for the license holder.

The aviation maintenance job market is global. There is a significant shortage of skilled workers in this sector.  Even a certificate holder is able to choose among many jobs.

You will certainly get a good salary and benefits in aviation maintenance. It is better than other related job sectors. Though this sector demands highly developed skills, it returns a good benefit to the job holders. Therefore, it’s a better place in terms of salary and benefits.

Being a part of one of the most demanding and fastest developing industries, you will get many benefits.  If you are seeking a job in the aviation industry, you will find it suitably in commercial aviation.  This kind of aviation is the largest employer.  As a skilled mechanics in aviation maintenance, you will be able to make enough to support a family and then some.  Most of the airlines offer family travel for a very low fee. Within a short period, you have a chance to be a part of the management. Therefore, this field is a lucrative one for many mechanics.

As an employee in the aviation maintenance sector, you will get many benefits, no doubt. Before getting these benefits, you have to pass hard struggling periods. These are enrolling in a program, completing the program successfully, and passing the exams.   After, you apply for the license you must compete with others for the job.  In fact, it can be a long journey in the way of science, technology and personal strength.  The end result is good.  You will get plenty of work opportunities in aviation maintenance.  Moreover, you will be a part of the reputed aviation maintenance industry.

In light of the above discussion, it can be clearly said that there are plenty of career opportunities in aviation maintenance.  I am suggesting that you go for it.  In this case, of course, you will be a winner.

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