Aircraft Support Technicians are an integral part of the aviation industry. They are the core team responsible for the maintenance of aircraft as well as for supporting the various operation required for the smooth running of the industry. The work of Aircraft Support Technicians is very crucial and it is slowly emerging as one of the most popular career choices for individuals who want to work in the field of aviation but are not necessarily interested in conventional jobs like pilots or attendants.

Now that international travel is increasing every day and the aviation industry is bullish in its operations, there is an increased need for Aircraft Support Technicians to join and contribute to the everyday workings of the industry. It is safe to say that this is one job the demand of which will only increase as time passes because the aviation industry is certainly not stopping to take a rest any time soon.

Hence, if you have an interest in the field and a knack for technical things then this is a perfect job for you. But firstly, what do Aircraft Support Technicians do? The answer may seem to explain itself but it is not that simple, which is why we are here to explain it to you. 

Aircraft Support Technicians are the professionals responsible for repairing and maintaining aircraft to ensure that they meet FAA regulations which are necessary for a safe flight. Being an Aircraft Support Technician means that you should know how to solve problems and fix things as it will make up a large part of your job. It is important that you have a sharp mind and strong body, the task of technicians can be physically as well as mentally taxing. There are also often no fixed shifts which require one to maintain a healthy lifestyle to be able to adjust their routine properly as per their working hours. 

Responsibilities of Aircraft Support Technicians

Here is an overview of the various duties that Aircraft Support Technicians have to do on a daily basis:

  1. The work of Aircraft Support Technicians includes ensuring that everything on an aircraft is in perfect condition. From ensuring that all machinery is working perfectly to checking that all the parts of the aircraft are exactly where they need to be, with no screw out of place, an Aircraft Support Technician has to ensure everything is in perfect order so the aircraft can take off without any issues and complete its flight safely.


  1. Aircraft Support Technicians also have to use various diagnostic equipment in order to test various parts of the aircraft and their working condition. Inspecting machinery is a big part of their job along with keeping a track of all the maintenance that has been done on a part to ensure the replacement is done when needed.


  1. Aircraft Support Technicians also have to perform various tasks that need a lot of effort. They should know how to seal, paint and preserve the aircraft parts as per the regulations of the authorities. They also often have to perform repair processes that are standard in nature.


  1. Apart from repair, Aircraft Support Technicians also have to dabble in structural repair work and modifications. They have to study and interpret engineering drawings and technical paperwork to understand various orders and processes that they need to implement to ensure that the aircraft is in perfect working condition.


  1. Aircraft Support Technicians also have to inventory all the tools they need and also should know the use of each of them. Aircraft needs its own set of unique tools which all technicians should know how to use. Knowing how to work with torque wrenches, micrometers, dial indicators, cable tensiometers, sheet metal brakes, etc. is part of the daily work of an Aircraft Support Technician.


These are some of the basic functions that Aircraft Support Technicians have to perform. However, there are still various things they have to do on a daily basis. If you are planning to become an Aircraft Support Technician then we hope you have gotten a good understanding of what they do on a daily basis.