What exactly is a FAA Part 147 School?

Learn great things about Part 147 schools


Part 147 schools are FAA authorized maintenance schools. The FAA awards airframe and powerplant licenses to those who have successfully completed a training program from a Part 147 school. Part 147 schools follow a strict training program that is approved by the FAA.  In fact, instructing students in FAA approved training programs is the main role of FAA Part 147 schools. You can find a complete list of FAA Part 147 schools here: https://amtjobopenings.com/part-147-schools/


As we always want to learn more, we need to discuss FAA Part 147 schools in a broad sense. In this article, we will talk about the various attributes of Part 147 schools. After reading this article, you will have a good idea on the rules, regulation and requirement for a Part 147 school.


Before I discuss Part 147 schools, I would like to give a short introduction on what an airframe and powerplant (A&P) technician is.  An A&P license holder is called an airframe and powerplant technician. In order to get a job in the field of aircraft maintenance, you need to have the mentioned license. According to the FAA, one of the criteria to getting an A&P license is to attend a training program under Part 147.


In order to be approved as a Part 147 school, there exist some criteria. The school must follow these criteria set by the FAA.

You will not be able to form a Part 147 school if you don’t get certified by the FAA.  In order to be a aviation maintenance school under Part 147, the school must meet the following criteria:


  • Have premises that meet the space criteria
  • Have an enclosed classroom for conducting theory classes
  • Have suitable area for finishing equipment
  • Have adequate wash tanks and degreasing equipment
  • Have suitable area for benches, tables, etc.
  • Have areas for running engines
  • Have adequate ignition, electrical equipment, etc.
  • And many other things required for mechanical and power training.


In addition to the above items, a school must have instructional equipment necessary for aircraft and powerplant instruction. For example, propellers, turbine engines, aircrafts, etc. These items are required in order to give practical instruction. In order to be certified as a Part 147 school from the FAA, these along with others criteria must be meet.


Moreover, the training syllabus and materials must meet the criteria mentioned under Part 147 of the FAA Rules.  There are also specific requirements for instructors. Along with all these criteria, there exist some rules related to credit hours, records, etc. Are you interested? Visit the nearest FAA office to get started.  They will provide you all the information you needed.


You now have an understanding of what a Part 147 school exactly is. In this article, I have mentioned the topics briefly. If you are going to open up a new school, you will surely find the detailed requirements at the FAA.  You must follow all the necessary rules to become certified from the FAA.  The FAA will not recognize any school that is not FAA approved.  Therefore, you need to be careful enough to follow the aforementioned criteria. In fact, following the standards of the FAA is one of the biggest challenges for this type of school.

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