When it comes to a career in aviation for women, the obvious answers that come to mind are air hostesses or maybe, a pilot. Not a lot of people expect women to be in aviation maintenance but it is the 21st century and it is high time that we do away with all these biases. Women can very much be in the field of Aviation Maintenance and ace it as well!

Employability after Covid-19

While there are still not many women in the field, their number is growing and one could see more women joining courses on Aviation Maintenance to help advance their careers. The aviation industry is growing every day. It slowed down considerably during the pandemic but as conditions are improving, there has been a boom in the industry which has also opened it up for new employees, as the workload is now heavier than ever.

Technical World and Women

Aviation maintenance requires technical knowledge and as more and more women are leaning towards tech, it is a perfect opportunity for women to enter the field of aviation and use their technical knowledge. As the field is mostly dominated by men, aviation companies are also looking for more women employees to not only bring in diversity but also a newer perspective on how to get things done.

Aviation maintenance mostly revolves around repairing, rebuilding, maintenance, and replacement service. A lot of these processes are only done under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. It is very important to know the body of an aircraft and all its intricacies to be able to become a professional working in aviation maintenance. You really have to know it inside and out by heart as well as mind, to be able to know what function to perform where.

One also needs to have a deep knowledge of all the safety procedures and protocols while performing their tasks, as this job requires one to be very responsible. Aircraft like any other machine needs regular maintenance and it is a secure job because as long as international travel exists, the chances of it going extinct are next to impossible.

It is also a great field because it pays well. During the pandemic, when a lot of people were struggling, aviation maintenance was the field that did not stop and the professionals came to work almost regularly because the aircraft even when they are stored away in their hangars securely, need to be maintained in order to not get damaged and cause airlines millions of damage.

It is very important to have soft skills while doing this job as it requires one to be a team player and to be able to communicate properly. Women are often great at these skills, even better than men, and hence are great for this scope. Other technical skills, like knowledge in mathematics, a sound of knowledge of the aircraft and engines and how they work, etc. can be learnt as one enrolls in the training program.

Aviation Maintenance is a great career for women who are interested in the field. There is no reason for them to back away from it as it is a big enough field with plenty of opportunities that can accommodate both men and women. As more and more women are joining the task force and are getting involved in the field of aviation maintenance, the more the field seems to be improving too.

If you are thinking of being a woman in aviation maintenance, then simply go for it. Don’t listen to naysayers if you encounter any. This is a great field for women and has plenty of opportunities. As the work in mostly technical in nature, practice will make you perfect and you will be at par with everyone else.