When one thinks of job profiles in aviation, the most common name which pops out is a Pilot. Many people seem to limit the scope of career in aviation to become a pilot or a flight attendant. However, this is one gross misinterpretation because aviation has a lot of careers opportunities, one of which include an A and P Mechanic.

Who Is An A and P Mechanic, And What Do They Do?

Being an A and P Mechanic means you are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft. Still, confused? Let us elaborate a bit more because this job profile may seem lacklustre at first look but is quite versatile and full of challenges that can actually be fun!

First of all, A and P stands for Airframe and Powerplant, which is where for these mechanics, their work becomes a playground. A and P Mechanics work both- inside and outside the aircraft. Their principal responsibility is to make sure that aircraft remain in perfect condition to fly. They test and repair issues inside the plane, i.e., mainly the engine and other parts like gear, pumps and breaks. They are also responsible for making sure that the outer body of the aircraft is well-maintained without any issues and even the hangers in which they are kept. Often they also make sure things run smoothly on terminal and runaway.

A and P Mechanics are vital to an aviation company. They ensure that proper maintenance, regular quality and service check, or any emergency repair work is done flawlessly without a hitch. Their presence is necessary to make sure that things run smoothly for everyone, and in case they don’t, they are there to make things better and get them going.

Who Should Become An A and P Mechanic And Why?

If you are interested in electronics and find airplanes fascinating, this is the job for you!

For A and P Mechanics airplanes are those toys on which they work with their efficient technological knowledge. They know the intricacies of an aircraft and work proactively to use that knowledge into maintaining their proper functioning. It is mostly a physical job which requires one to stay fit and be ready to work with hands.

This career option is definitely intriguing. It has a wide range of functions from repair and maintenance to prevent. It is a job that requires real mechanical skills and a quick mind which knows how to solve the issues that may happen anytime since airplanes are indeed some of the most complex vehicles in the history of humankind! It also involves sometimes handling of very high-tech and complicated tools.

But is that all? No!

Apart from all that mentioned above, this career opens up international opportunities. This is a job which is in high demand and will remain so for a long time since international travels will never cease and aviation is bound tightly with it. Airplanes are vital, and those who understand the machine and knows how to work them even more so. It is a well-paying job which guarantees security and a variety of work.

How Do You Become An A and P Mechanic?

The simple answer is by getting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved. This includes a written, oral and practical exam after which the Repairman certificate s awarded to the ones who pass all of them. The certificate also contains the ratings that are given based on how well trained and well-equipped the person is. The ratings are given on various fronts which is also a deciding factor of where precisely in an aircraft is the mechanic supposed to work.

If your certificate only allows you to work on the body of the aircraft, working inside is a big no-no.

Anybody who is above 18 years of age, no matter what gender, can apply for this course and get certified. Requirements which is must for this field includes- English and also a working knowledge of what mechanics do. Always remember, an A&P Mechanic is well above an average mechanic in terms of training and expertise.

A&P Mechanic is a well-paying job, and as stated above, for someone with interest in electronics and aeroplanes, this can be a perfect career option!

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