Line Maintenance – What exactly is aviation line maintenance?

What is aviation line maintenance


Line maintenance is a very important task in aviation. In fact, without line maintenance, it is not possible to maintain aircraft properly. So any hazard can occurred without this effective task.  However, in this article I will try to give a brief idea on aviation line supervisory task. This is very important for the beginners who are thinking about a career in this sector.


Now, what’s the definition of line maintenance? Okay, it’s very easy to answer. Line maintenance is simply the scheduled maintenance task performed on aircraft. It is required in the following cases:


  • If an aircraft is in service
  • If an aircraft is going for its first flight after a long out of service period
  • Simply to ensure the fitness of an aircraft


Therefore, maintenance task needs to be done in order to check the fitness of an aircraft when it is going for a flight. From this detail definition, it is clear that this maintenance may be a vital task for flight safety. So to ensure proper checking, many important rules must be followed. In the following paragraph, I will give a brief overview of the general rules and regulations. So continue to read in order to learn more about this topic.


Line maintenance is done by skilled technicians. Technicians are trained at FAA approved schools under FAA Part 147. Generally, after completing the required training courses and passing the test, the FAA provides the technicians with a certificate called A&P (Aiframe and Powerplant). Thus, A&P license holder mechanics or technicians are skilled at maintaining aircraft both theoretically and practically. They passed all the necessary requirements in order to be a maintenance mechanics on aircraft. Actually, this is very important as you know any accident can occur without proper line maintenance.


So line maintenance task can’t be performed without the deployment of experts in this field. Actually, this is a prerequisite for maintenance task.


The following work may be required to do in line maintenance.


  • Repairing and replacing faulty parts. A prior inspection is required.
  • Inspection of plates, cylinder and other mechanic parts
  • Refueling and other services
  • And many other maintenance tasks.


The maintenance tasks follow the rules of the FAA in USA. In other countries, there are different authorities that make the regulation. Therefore, it is necessary to read the regulations of the FAA and maintenance checklist to ensure that the line maintenance being performed is what is required.


From the above discussion, we can surely say that aviation line maintenance is somewhat different from other maintenance works. Though the process and tasks have some similarity with others, the regulations are completely different. Above all, the regulations must be followed properly and regularly. You can get a good job in aviation maintenance, no doubt. The difficult thing is to cope with the irregular working environment – everyday can be a whole new experience. If you like flying and enjoy working with tools, go for line maintenance work. You will get great benefit, no doubt.


Again, if you choose line maintenance work, you will need to be careful of the above mentioned maintenance tasks and learning requirements to make this career choice hassle free.

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