What Exactly is Line Maintenance?

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Line Maintenance – What exactly is aviation line maintenance? What is aviation line maintenance Line maintenance is a very important task in aviation. In fact, without line maintenance, it is not possible to maintain aircraft properly. So any hazard can occurred without this effective task.  However, in this article I will try to give a […]

What Does a Powerplant Technician Do?


Powerplant – What does a FAA Powerplant Technician do? Responsibilities of a powerplant technician Powerplant is an important job sector for the FAA airframe and powerplant (A&P) certificate holders.  An A&P certificate is issued by the FAA.  It’s not a must need, but nowadays, it’s a common matter.  Powerplant experts obtain their license from the […]

How Do I Get a FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate (License)?

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Getting an A&P How do I get a FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate? Getting an FAA airframe and powerplant (A&P) certificate (some call it a license, but the FAA uses certificate as the proper word) is somewhat challenging. Many students don’t know the actual process. Because of this difficulty, they can’t get such a successful […]

What Careers Are Available For Electronic Technicians?


Electronics – What Careers are available for electronic technicians? Electronics is a successful career path There are many successful careers available for electronic technicians. If you are an electronic technician looking for information, you will get enough from this article.  Therefore, please go through this and gain some important knowledge of careers in electronics. Electronics […]

What Are The Career Opportunities in Aviation Maintenance?

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Aviation Maintenance – What are the career opportunities in aviation maintenance? Aviation Maintenance is a great career choice You have plenty of career opportunities in aviation maintenance. If you are an aviation mechanic also called an aviation maintenance technician (AMT), you will find lots of jobs in this sector. Certainly, you do not need to […]

A Career in Aviation Maintenance – how do you start?

Aviation Maintenance Career

Aviation Career – How do I start a Career in Aviation Maintenance? Yes, you can start a career in aviation. An aviation career is a challenging career. Yes, you can surely start a career in aviation maintenance if you have an adventurous mind. You need to have the ability to like working with your hands. […]

What does an Airframe Technician Do?


Airframe – What does a FAA Airframe Technician do? It is important to know the roles of Airframe technicians Airframe technicians have a variety of important roles in maintaining aircraft airframes. If you have proper mechanical knowledge and confidence in taking challenging responsibilities, you will enjoy the work as a specialist in this sector. Along […]

What exactly is a Part 147 School?

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What exactly is a FAA Part 147 School? Learn great things about Part 147 schools Part 147 schools are FAA authorized maintenance schools. The FAA awards airframe and powerplant licenses to those who have successfully completed a training program from a Part 147 school. Part 147 schools follow a strict training program that is approved […]

How Does a Turbine Engine Work?

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How does a turbine engine work? Superb knowledge of a turbine engine In order to be a good technician on commercial aircraft, you need to know about turbine engines. If you don’t know the functions of the engine or powerplant as it is called in industry, you will not be able to work as a […]

8 Resume Tips to Boost Your Job Search

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8 Resume Tips to Boost Your Job Search Your resume is your advertisement when you’re applying on line, and your talking points when you’re applying in person at a conference or at a job fair. As such, it’s one of the most important things to get right in your job search. The following eight tips […]